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Harris Academy - Friday Training Update

This year, we have invested in extra training facilities at Harris Academy in Bermondsey. This gives us a full size training pitch for use on Friday evenings and complements other sessions the teams may have at Myatts Fields.

Unfortunately - due to circumstances completely out of our control - the sessions have not been running smoothly and we have had to cancel some recent Friday night sessions. In a nutshell, Harris has had a range of problems with the floodlights - meaning that even the earlier evening slot is now not possible. Hopefully all teams have found short term alternatives to get the team training. If not please speak with your coach.

We should know over the next week or two whether this is a long term issue or whether the lights are in fact going to be okay. So apologies to all, but there's not much we can do in the short term while we are in this holding pattern. We will look to update everyone as soon as we have news.

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