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We are always interested in working with brands and local businesses. Support from the business community helps Lambeth Tigers make a real difference to young people - whether that be in terms of providing better training facilities, contributing to kit purchase or helping fund unforgettable trips and tours for all members of our teams. If you would like to find out about sponsorship opportunities, sponsorship in kind or have creative ideas as to how we can work together, please get in touch

A Big Thank You to some of our recent sponsors

"The work being done at Lambeth Tigers Football Club is exceptional, when I had the opportunity to sponsor the international tour to Berlin, I didn't have to think twice, I commend the staff for all their efforts and was glad I could help!"


Dammy Sofekun, Managing Director

Zino Removals

"The mighty Lambeth Tigers, what a credit to their community. They epitomise what team work and professionalism looks like. I feel honoured and privileged to be apart of this massive project and I'm anticipating great things in the future with some of their boys breaking through soon at the top end of the game."


Gina Obeng, Creative Manager

Just Geen Kitchen


"A true success story if you ever needed one. Having had great relationships with the staff prior to getting involved, it's clear to see these young men haven't allowed their backgrounds to stunt their growth. The opportunities LTFC are creating are unheard of, these kids are very fortunate."


Damola Ojo, General Manager




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