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Team arrangements for next season

We are still finalising a range of playing aspects and training schedules for next season.

As always, we aim to ensure that your son has high quality training from our qualified coaches. Next season our aim is to offer better training facilities and match day pitches but the process of finding affordable and available facilities is surprisingly tough.

Riccardo Smith will continue as phase leader for the 12 to 16 year old ages; David Marriott will continue to lead the 6 to 11 year old foundation phase.

Coaches per age group are provisionally as follows:

  • 7s Youth - Martyn

  • 7s Colts - Shubiah

  • 8s Youth - Weston

  • 8s Colts - David

  • 9s - Kieron

  • 12s - Juan

  • 13s - Jamahl (with Rob)

  • 14s - Juan (with Reece)

  • 15s - Riccardo

  • 16s - Lam

We are currently planning on entering all age groups into the League; in addition, for the older age groups, we aim to have a number of Academy friendlies. Age groups 12 and above will also be entered into the League Cup, London Cup and AFA Cup.


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