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Player Fines

Information about player discipline and fines


Lambeth Tigers is affiliated to the London Football Association and the London County Saturday Youth League.  Both bodies aim to ensure a safe environment for all players of the game.


If your child is given a yellow or a red card during a game, or the behaviour of your son after the game is deemed to be inappropriate, the referee or officials from the opposition will report such incidents to the FA or the League.


Incidents would include the use of offensive or threatening language, persistent or reckless fouls, lack of respect towards match day officials and any other such behaviour deemed to be inappropriate. The League and FA will then review each reported incident.


As a consequence the FA and the League may issue player fines. The fines start at £20 upwards depending on the severity of the incident with a late fine charge of £20 for any fines paid late.


In registering for Lambeth Tigers, parents agree to make prompt payment for any individual player fines issued by the FA or the League. Failure to pay fines will result in the immediate suspension of the player from all training and games until such time the fine is paid.


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