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Our academy for 16 to 18 year olds

Coaching Connexions partnering with Lambeth Tigers FC at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
About Coaching Connexions


Coaching Connexions was established in 2006, since then we have prided ourselves on offering a unique and specialist training service to all of our partner colleges, employers, apprentices and students. In June 2016, we were awarded a Grade 2 by OFSTED as part of our partners inspection (Armstrong learning). We are now one of the leading sports training providers in the country and from September 2017 we will have 12 campuses across 7 different counties.

Since recently we have partnered with “Pro Football Academies UK” who are one of the top football sports providers in the south of England. They strive to help students who aspire to become a professional footballer, want to enter the sports industry as a sports therapist, or dream of being a coach or PE teacher, their football academy can give you the skills and education you need to achieve your full potential.They are based at Brunel University in Uxbridge and have great development centres around London.

Coaching Connexions pride themselves on building partnerships with employers and organisations to help ‘connect’ students to the industry as early as possible. Our success in this respect is illustrated by the following statistics from 2015/16:

  • We moved 34% of our students into employment in Sports.

  • 89% of the students who completed the programme with us progressed onto a Sports Specific

  • ‘outcome’ or higher education.

  • 95% of our students enjoyed over 40 hours of Sports specific work experience.

Older Boys 4.JPG

Our programmes are designed to provide tangible exit routes for those desiring a career in the sports industry. We try to achieve this by delivering bespoke individual learning programmes that help to launch our students toward their future aspirations. Our priority is to support you in succeeding in

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